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Do AI Generated Images Signal the End of Photography?

Why did the AI robot steal a camera? Because they thought they could pixelate themselves out of trouble. (Hahaha!)

But seriously. Are the robots coming for us?

AI-generated images have a place in today’s creative landscape, for sure. They’re quick, cheap, and created to suit specific business needs. Here's one we made using Image Creator of Craig’s cat on the tools.

AI generated cat photo

As adorable as fake Winky looks, dismissing traditional photography in favour of AI would be crazy. Here’s why:

We are human.

Photography is fundamentally a way that humans communicate with other humans.  Done right, each image creates a narrative, drawing viewers into a real story and connection with your business.


The Feels.

Prompts are yuck.

We may be biased, but those sound like pretty compelling reasons to get in touch with us about your next creative project! Hit up our Christchurch team today.


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