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Is Data Privacy the End of Video Marketing?

So. Google’s getting rid of third party cookies? Search algorithms are going to be harder to crack? Plus, re-targeting is going sort of Dodo?

Is this it for digital creatives?

Maybe not. While mega changes for video marketing are coming, a heap of opportunities are too! Take a coffee break MBA and check out what we think are two of the biggest:





Dust off your textbooks ‘cause it’s time to kick it old school!

With privacy walls getting higher, digital marketers need to spend time building a much better understanding of their customer journeys – exactly where buyers go when they research and make their purchasing decisions.

For video marketing, this means clever, site-targeted placement of more short- and micro-form content. For instance, optimising different content for a customer’s ‘problem identification’ vs ‘evaluating alternatives’ phase.

We love this reel we created as part of a Lone Star campaign bringing all the vibes friends and family want, now that our borders have re-opened.

Without big brother tracking, marketers will also need to make the leap from thinking in synonyms to categories.

Take someone searching for new sports shoes. Instead of being in the market for “Nike” or “Puma”, they may actually want solutions for “peak athletic performance” or “shoes for injury prevention”. The trick is… only companies who put in the extra effort will nail the sale!


Creative placement is a huge opportunity! For example, a good marketer would place an ad for flour on an artisan bread recipe site. A great marketer would know that viewers were crushing for carbs and place a CTA for dosa delivery. STAT.

Creative content is another biggie. Like we talked about in our recent post Video Marketing Trends 2022, we’re seeing shifts away from static to immersive, branching and interactive experiences.

Looking for more tips or help with your next big idea? Hit up our Christchurch team today or follow us on social.
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