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Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Weddings can be a blur of excitement, action, love and laughter. One moment, you're dancing down the aisle and the next you're crying at your mum's speech. Nek minnit, you're finishing your last glass of bubbles and kissing friends goodbye before heading off to sleep for three days.

It's no surprise then, that more and more couples are saying "I Do" to wedding videos, as it gives them a chance to relive their love story forever. But how do you choose the perfect team for you? Relax... with over 200 weddings shot, we've got the skinny. Read on for our top 4 tips!


Find the Avocado to your Toast

Your filmmaker will share some of the most sacred moments of your day, so find the kind of person who you’d enjoy grabbing a coffee with. They should ‘get you’ as a couple, be on board with your vision, chuck in plenty of LOLs and know how to be *almost* invisible in the background.

Wedflix and Chill

To find the right style of cinema for you, watch films from at least three videographers. (Pssst check out our work here). Pay attention to whether their work is bespoke – telling the unique story of each couple – or straight off an assembly line. How's the sound quality? Do you prefer a posed or candid style? We believe that the best films take you on a truly emotional journey and bring you right there with everyone on the dance floor!

Pump your Paparazzo

Top wedding creatives usually know each other, so your photographer or wedding planner should be able to recommend vendors who are professional, easy to work with and have the right style for your vision.

Budget Doesn't Mean Bargain Basement

While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest vendor you find, you won’t get a do-over if your videographer’s in the loo during your dad’s speech or needs to change their camera battery when you walk down the aisle. Quality counts, and a great video is the best way to delight future generations with your story.

If you'd like to know more about Lightchasers' style or have a no-obligation chat about your wedding, get in touch.
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