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Should I (Pay To) Live-Stream My Wedding?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Spoiler alert: We're going to say "yes".

Hands up whose wedding plans haven't been affected by COVID-19?
(Really, no-one?).

Between travel restrictions, gathering limits and mandates, it's pretty much a given that some people you love won't be able to attend your wedding. Live-streaming is a great solution, enabling everyone to still celebrate together (plus you get to invite people without having to pay for their dinner). But with 'live' features available on social media, is it actually worth it to hire someone in?

Read on to learn why we say "Yes"!


It's the Best Way to Be There, When You Can't Be There

Professional live-streaming gives you and your loved ones confidence that they'll be able to be part of your day - wherever they are. With great sound and multiple cameras, they can cry at your vows, check out the hot groomsmen and raise a glass during your dad's speech, as it all happens. Want to go one step further? We can even set up a projector and live feed so friends and family anywhere in the world can dial in and make a speech on the big screen.

It's a Forever Keepsake

Our live-streams are a video of your wedding shot by a professional crew, using professional gear that tells the unique story of you day. All of our packages provide you with an HD download that you get to keep, re-watch and treasure forever.

Hear what this stoked couple had to say:

"Mitch and I watched the [livestream] video last night and loved it, the sound was perfect and some of the shots were stunning, thank you so much. I am so so glad we decided to get you guys in to help" - Jan 22

Plus, if you regret not booking one of our super gorgeous highlights videos.. Ta da! We can curate a mini one with your live-stream footage.

Are You Sure I Can't I Just Use My Phone?

We've never had a couple regret hiring us to live-stream their wedding. But we have had a number regret that they didn't.

DIY-livestream couples often send us footage which is grainy, had a bad feed, poor sound or big bouffant heads in the way and ask us to fix it.

We wish we could... but we can't :(

Pro live-streaming offers wicked advantages over a smart phone like:

  • Multi-camera streaming. We record with up to 4 cameras (and can even add on a drone!), so viewers don’t miss a single moment. Our team 'live cuts' every streamed wedding, switching to the camera where the best action is.

  • GoPro on your dog. Okay, no-one's actually asked for this yet, but how cool would it be to see your day from your dog's perspective?!

  • Wireless mics. These give great sound for those priceless moments like vows and speeches

  • Broadcast quality equipment.

  • HD download of your video. Watch, fall in love again, repeat.

  • Have a speech be made from any location in the world. We can arrange anyone to dial in, easy as.

Still not convinced? Take a look at one of livestreams here. Or why not get in touch (no obligations!) so we can walk you through the process?

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